About Lego Capital

Lego Capital is committed to offering world class consultancy and advisory services to clients in meeting their financing needs, supporting them in their finance activities and enabling cross border trade and transactions.

We draw our strength from our strong team of finance and legal professionals experienced in spearheading several complex transactions. The team is backed by a strong research and analysis wing armed with latest tools and methodologies always ready to aid us by providing superior insights into every transaction. Our strong network of dependable relationships with the top brass of private equity, investment firms and funds has enabled us easy access to global capital. We have a proven track-record of being associated with some of the best names in the business and we enjoy the status of a preferred partner among our patrons. We offer our clients end to end support in raising capital for their turnkey projects. We structure the right capital structure, conduct due diligence, manage the issues and assist in follow up funding. Our investment solutions in Real Estate, Structured and Investment products, along with qualified opportunities can give you good returns. All opportunities are thoroughly scrutinized and due diligence is done.

Private Equity

Lego Capital has been a key player in the private equity industry channeling private equity investments and offering management advisory to our clients. Our expertise and professional guidance has helped our clients to easily navigate through the complexity involved in private equity transactions. We source potential investment opportunities, conduct due diligence and bring in our expertise in operational and exit management.

Our wide legged presence across many countries and a reliable network of operations has allowed us to handle a fair share of business globally.

We help clients structure optimum debt and equity ratio for financing their projects, capacity building and finance acquisitions and growth strategies. Our expertise is available to the clients in developing the right funding strategies, preparing financial models and pitch books, conducting due diligence and assisting in raising the required capital.

We work closely with investors and funds supporting them across the entire transaction cycle from screening the investment environment for new opportunities, transaction advisory services, conducting due diligence, assisting in valuations and post-merger support.

Our strong relations with the investor community and expert team of professionals ensures that the clients company or a project get the best deal possible. Some of the focus investments of our investor group are investments in new promising ventures, buyout assistance, venture capital investments, financing growth strategies, investments in distressed assets and non-performing assets.

Corporate Finance

Lego Capital’s corporate finance wing address the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges faced by organizations. Our solutions are directed towards meeting the operational, strategic and capital needs of the modern organizations. We enhance the value of the companies we choose to work with and offer solutions that can complement the organization’s growth plans.

Our corporate finance wing can help finance your turnkey projects through a variety of modes including joint ventures, equity financing, private public partnerships, financial instruments, long term loans, and financing via term papers. Our debt restructuring team has the expertise to revive distressed assets and sick units by infusing fresh funds and bringing in management expertise. Our team has supported our clients to remain afloat by negotiating their debt agreements and replacing high cost with low cost debts..

Lego Capital offers full support to both buy side and sell side mergers & acquisitions. We assist our clients in identifying potential targets, making marketing collaterals, conducting due diligence, legal compliance and business valuation, negotiating the terms, raising capital and post-merger support. Our team can help your firm successfully plan and execute investments, strategic acquisitions, joint ventures and foreign collaborations, and divestures.

Structured Finance

Lego Capital offers integrated, structured solutions to drive value in the international Project Financing Arena and mitigate risks associated with cross border transactions. We leverage our professional expertise and global network to offer customized solutions to our clients. Our clients benefit from our extended associations with international banks and financiers, investment houses, lenders and access to international money markets. We assist and advise our clients in raising capital using our professional expertise in raising bank instruments, special purpose vehicles and advanced knowledge in financial engineering. We offer structured investment products of good rating with structured cash flows to qualified investors who are seeking good returns for their money.